At Luminergie, our priority is the quality of our products. It is among other things, for this reason, we have created the LumiLab.

The LumiLab is our workshop where all tests for accuracy of lighting products are made.This allows us to provide you with accurate technical information, to do various tests on measures, in order to offer diversified lighting products which will respond to your requests.We are continually working to develop innovative products, qualities and facts on measures that will perfectly meet all your needs.

A wide range of products and materials is placed at your disposal to perform tests that allow you to learn more and thus demonstrate you all the opportunities that are available to you in the field of led lighting. Different courses you are also available to improve your knowledge about led lighting and let you know our new products.

For more information, please feel free to come see us at the LumiLab.



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A spectrophotometer measures the absorbance of a solution at a given wavelength. A Monochromator device to generate, from a source of visible or ultraviolet light, a monochromatic light whose wavelength is selected by the user. The incident monochromatic light of intensity; then through a tank containing the studied solution, and the device measures the intensity; of the light transmitted. The value displayed by the spectrophotometer is the investigated wavelength absorbance. The spectrophotometer may be used to measure instantly an absorbance at a given wavelength, or to produce a spectrum of absorbance (scan spectrophotometer). In the latter case, the monochromator describes a time device run all of the wavelengths between two values selected by the operator.