Lighting with style


Luminergie is a young company specialized in the technology of light-emitting diodes (LEDs). This company founded in Montreal manufactures and distributes a wide range of products of led lighting from a hundred of distributors across the Canada and the United States. Contributing to the respect for the environment thanks to its low power consumption led technology also has a very high lighting power. In addition, the precision of its light beams and their variety of colors give them exceptional aesthetic qualities. Based on a solid technical know-how, Luminergie continuously develops innovative products.



The company launched the LumensTruss, a new product manufactured in the Canada and which allows to diffuse the light in a uniform manner on a wide angle. Whether it’s to inform a conference room, an office, or even a shop, the LumenTruss can be assembled to measure, thus harmonizing perfectly with all types of projects. Thanks to its aluminum finishes, this product can equally be used under its original appearance be painted of the desired color. Since its inception, Luminergie is brimming with innovation to light a real element of design.

Luminergie is a company established since more than 6 years distributed in more than 11 countries. We have an office in China which design and inspects all of our products to ensure quality. With a variety more of 300 products, Luminergie is a global leader of this new technology is the L.E.D. We offer a service tailored to your needs. Of the evaluation to the design of your project, we see at all stages of your projects.

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